• HLF – After Sun Skin Care Oil _ Amazing Rejuvenating and calming effect on skin

    Delete the harmful effects of sun from your skin. Today, we are going to prepare an Aromatherapy, After Sun Skin Care Oil with essential oils and all natural ingredients. You can prepare it at home easily. It is for all types of skin and body & face. Homemade skin care oil.

  • HLF _ Raspberry Face Mask – Incredible anti- aging effects and glowing skin

    Reduces wrinkles, acne, dark spots; and cleans and moistures skin. For every types of skin. Follow my channel for more aromatherapy and essential oil recipes.SHOW LESS

  • HLF _ Magical Spirit Healing Plant – Sage

    Magical spirit healing plant has been used by witches and shamans for centuries Sage Sage tea Sage essential oil ( skin care cosmetics ) Sage burning ( smudging ) Healthy tips, benefits and uses of sage.

  • HLF _ Aromatheraphy & Essential Oils

    Aromatherapy has been used for centuries for improving a person’s health or mood. In this video we are gonna talk about; *What Is Aromatherapy? *What Is Aromatherapy Used For? *How to Use aromatherapy? *Some of the most popular aromatherapy oils and their benefits. Like; Lavender oil, Tea tree (melaleuca) oil, Jasmine oil, Eucalyptus oil, Frankincense […]